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What’s a Rainkiss rain poncho?

Rainkiss combines recycled materials and responsible manufacturing with cutting-edge designs. Creating rain ponchos that blends both functionality with fashion forward prints and art inspired colourways. Each print is hand designed in-house, in Amsterdam, and can feature up to 7 colours and some surprising collaborations.

Rainkiss rain ponchos are easy to carry, easy to wear and offer an inclusive one-size fits all design. No matter your size, big or small… Rainkiss will keep you dry and looking fabulous.

Certified 100% recycled Polyester

All of our rain ponchos are made from 100% certified recycled polyester which is very different from virgin polyester. Unlike polyester that uses petrochemical products, loads of water and has quite toxic byproducts, recycled polyester uses PET (Bottles) as the raw material. Recycling it so it doesn't end up in landfills or the ocean.



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