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Darn Tough Vermont was founded in 2004, in the family owned, Cabot Hosiery Mill in the small, rural town of Northfield, Vermont. Having made socks for three generations, they were losing business overseas and in an effort to keep the mill, and the town of Northfield, alive, the Darn Tough brand was born. The mission was simple: to produce a high performance, merino wool sock that would be the most comfortable, most durable and best fitting sock on the market. With such a pedigree of sock making know- how, they backed up their product with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Darn Tough is not just a little brand anymore, but a major player in the outdoor sock market yet every single pair of socks is still made in Northfield, Vermont and still comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. 

One mill. One family. One mission.

Please click HERE for the details about the Darn Tough Warranty process in Canada.


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