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Founded in 1969, by the current owner's late father, Kuts Shoji, Interex Industries has been serving retailers across Canada for over 50 years. We are an exclusive distributor in Canada for multiple brands selling into the outdoor, shoe, lifestyle, sporting goods and Industrial market channels. As a woman owned, family business, with many years of experience, Interex Industries knows the value of long-term relationships; Both our retail customers, and our suppliers, have grown along with us and we're proud to be a part of their journey.

Vancouver View

At Interex, we consider ourselves to be the Canadian office of our suppliers. We believe in offering loyal, long term partnership with emotional, as well as financial, investment in a brand. On behalf of the supplier, we manage all aspects of importing goods into Canada, nationwide, multi channel sales, all receivables, marketing, customer service and shipping to retail customers. Our knowledge of the markets and retail landscape, as well as Canadian language laws, duties and taxes, provides valuable insider information, saving suppliers time and money.

Our aim is to get a brand into the right stores, consistent with the supplier's vision, deliver exceptional service on their behalf, increase brand awareness at the consumer level and pay on time. Our track record proves that we know how to do this, and that we do it well.

As well as our Vancouver warehouse we also work with third party logistics warehouses in Delta, BC and Cowansville Quebec, allowing for quick turnaround times on orders for our customers from coast to coast to coast.


We believe that Canada is a profitable market that presents unique challenges, due its diversity, dual languages and geographical logistics, and being able to access a wide variety of retail markets is necessary for success. We offer a well connected national sales team, a pre-existing sales logistics network, inside knowledge and valuable experience to help your brand succeed in our beautiful country!

Although perhaps most well known for introducing and distributing Vasque Footwear for over 25 years, we were also integral in launching other well known footwear brands such as Keen and Emu. Despite being currently focused on accessories, with brands such as Yaktrax, Darn Tough, Knockaround, Grangers, Care Plus, ICEtrekkers and DryGuy,  we are always on the lookout for the next great product, or brand, to bring to the Canadian market. Refusing to get too settled into any one distribution channel, allows us to be both flexible and broad in customer reach.


We work with successful, independent sales agencies across the country to ensure that we have a presence at all regional shows, as well as reps able to be physically in stores, promoting our brands and training staff at the ground level. Our longstanding sales team, including a dedicated Industrial sales agency, is experienced, well known and also represent major lines, giving us the exposure and opportunity to put brands before key customers immediately.


Ski Road
Beach Volleyball
Sunset Sailboats
Happy Hiking

Interex has successfully launched many brands in the Canadian marketplace over the years and has extensive experience in creating and developing business opportunities that allow for maximum growth. We have strong relationships, with all the major players in the Canadian market (MEC, SAIL, Cabelas, Sporting Life, Forzani, Acklands Grainger etc) and vendor agreements already in place. 


We believe that the key to our company's longevity is a combination of the great products we've been lucky enough to the work with, the strong relationships with our vendors, amazing sales reps and the exceptional service we provide. 

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