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Our mission is simple - to just make great kit.

As soon as the first raindrop falls in Beijing - an eruption of ponchos and umbrellas bloom. We take inspiration from our time spent in China, where the people think practically about getting from A to B through sunshine or monsoon. We wanted to create a range of super functional, versatile life wear that enables you to move from day to night, the park to the beach, or day festival to dinner out.

Our designs are highly functional, practical, and built for everyday life, and unlike other waterproof clothing brands, we are accessible but still deliver on giving you the kit to keep you bone dry whenever you need.

The People's Poncho comes equipped with bike riding enhancements such as handlebar loops and a waist belt to keep it in place when it's pouring and also a practical stuff sack bag that can be used to stash keys, sunglasses, wallet etc as well as the poncho when not in use. The People's Ponchos are trimmed with highly reflective piping as well as featuring reflective stripes on the front and back and come with a waterproof pocket on the front.

Perfect for rainy soccer games on the sidelines, walking the dog, commuting to work, craft brewery hopping, travel and any time you want to be prepared for a shower or two!

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