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Ideal for walking on icy sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways, Yaktrax Spikes feature seven Tungsten Carbide spikes that provide an aggressive grip. Lightweight and compact, they fit over a variety of footwear and can be stored in tight spaces.


Yaktrax Spikes are excellent for navigating icy sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. The seven tungsten carbide spikes placed under the ball and heel of the foot deliver aggressive grip, even in glare ice conditions. Compact and lightweight, the Yaktrax Spikes stretch to fit most types of footwear and conveniently stow away in any coat pocket.

  • Reflective performance strap ensures a secure fit
  • Molded rubber lugs provide added traction on packed snow
  • Natural rubber sling remains elastic and secure in sub-zero temperatures
  • Comfortable for prolonged use
  • Easy on / Easy off



6065YT S/M

6066YT L/XL

Yaktrax Spikes

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